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The world of music at your fingertip

BeatPlaylist is a free desktop music player powered by YouTube

MacOS coming soon

The World’s Largest Music Library

YouTube, the largest video sharing system, is at your service. Pick from a library of over 70 million tracks, including music videos, podcasts and more.

Create a playlist or try one curated by other members of the community.

Discover and listen

Sing along to your favourite songs with lyrics view, find new music just by seeing what your friends are into and listen to playlists curated for every occasion.

Listen for free or subscribe to BeatPlaylist Premium

Free premium has been enabled for all users and will return as a subscription in the future.


$0.00 / month

Enjoy a free experience of listening and communicating with your friends and followers!

No skip limitations.

Free 6 months of premium on sign-up.

Listen on demand, and save playlists created by the community.

Listen to music ranging from 1990's to Taylor Swift and much more...

Stay up to date with your favourite artists and their new releases.

View and listen to the same music your friends are listening to.

Select playlists you make public for other users to view and listen to.

Find playlists created by the people you follow.

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$2.00 USD / month

Enjoy unlimited access to all of BeatPlaylist's features.

No advertising.

Create up to 100 playlists (Free users can only create 30).

Purchase premium pins on the BeatPlaylist market.

Premium checkmark on your profile.

Custom referral code.

Blue glow around profile picture (Free users have a black glow).

Own more than 10 pins (Free users can only own a maximum of 10 pins).

No limitation to the amount of songs you can add to a playlist.

Early access to test new features.