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Ryan Davern
Founder & CEO

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Olli Waters
Head of Media

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Evan Frutos
Graphic Designer


What is BeatPlaylist?

BeatPlaylist is a social networking, music streaming platform, that uses an embedded web browser to connect to YouTube.

Users can search through YouTube's collection of music and podcasts, create playlists, sync their music between their Google and BeatPlaylist account to access their music on the YouTube Music app on their IOS / Android devices.

What are the minimum system requirements to run BeatPlaylist?

Windows 7 and later.

macOS 10.10.x - 10.14.x (Core i5, Core i7).

Linux and other platforms coming soon.

How do artists make money?

BeatPlaylist uses an embedded web-browser which connects to YouTube. When a non-premium user plays a video, YouTube may display a video advert, which will be automatically skipped after 5 seconds if a skip option is available.

Artists will receive revenue based on the advertising generated by their video. Artists are paid by Google and BeatPlaylist does not make any advertising revenue from YouTube videos. Premium BeatPlaylist users do not receive adverts.

If we can work out a deal with Google, we will pitch an idea which involves the artists making more money, by additionally paying artists with a percentage of premium subscription revenue.

Do we plan on expanding the platform to more devices?

We have goals to bring BeatPlaylist to Mobile, TV, and Car. Our goal is to work with Google on improving the social and music industry as a whole. If we create a successful deal with Google to bring YouTube Music and BeatPlaylist together, BeatPlaylist will slowly be rolled out to many different devices.

For now, users can link their Google account to BeatPlaylist, which will sync their playlists with their Google account, giving users the ability to stream music on their mobile devices using the YouTube Music app.

How often are new updates released?

A new update is released every Sunday. We currently do not have a set time for new update releases. We will display an announcement if there is no update for a certain week.

What is a major goal for BeatPlaylist?

Partnering with Google to revolutionize the social networking and music industry. The plan would be to join YouTube Music and BeatPlaylist together, offer offline download on all platforms, and build BeatPlaylist for more platforms.

Want to send us a message?

Business: [email protected]

General Support / Bug Issues: [email protected]