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YouTube, the most extensive video sharing system, is at your service. Pick from a library of over 100 million tracks, including music videos, podcasts and more.

With more content added every minute, it's more music than you could listen to in a lifetime.

Discover and listen

Sing along to your favourite songs with lyrics view, find new music just by seeing what your friends are into and listen to playlists curated for every occasion.

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$0.00 / month

Enjoy a free experience of listening and communicating with your friends and followers!

Full access to the entire YouTube Library.

Create a playlist or try one curated by other members of the community.

No song skip limitations.

1 month of free premium on sign-up.

Stay up to date with your favourite artists and their new releases.

Separate your music from your YouTube account.

Adverts will automatically be skipped after 5 seconds.


$7.50 $0 USD / month

Enjoy unlimited access to all of BeatPlaylist's features.

Premium will remain free during Beta testing.

Stream ad-free music and music videos.

Advertising can be re-enabled in the settings page

Create up to 100 playlists (Free users can create 30).

Limits will increase for both premium and free users over time

No limitation to the amount of songs you can add to a playlist.

Premium tag applied to your profile.

Blue glow around profile picture (Free users have a white glow).

Edit music metadata.

Early access to test new features.



BeatPlaylist Wallet Connect / Hub release

BeatPlaylist Windows Beta (64 bit) release

BeatPlaylist Windows Beta (32 bit) release

Update patch note and about page

Gather user feedback and fix any bugs found

BeatPlaylist macOS Beta release

Enable Rhythm holder wallet perks

Enable BeatPlaylist Fiat / Crypto premium subscriptions

Release first Rhythm reward


Release second Rhythm reward

Release community created playlists page

Move BeatPlaylist out of Beta

Take user feedback from the previous month and implement new features

Rebrand BeatPlaylist to Rhythm

Update Rhythm Hub

Release third Rhythm reward

Set your profile picture as an NFT you own (Profile picture will be verified as yours)


Release "Partner with us" on the Rhythm Hub website. Tokens can apply for a partnership.
Projects we partner with will have their token added as an accepted currency for BeatPlaylist premium.
Popular projects will also receive wallet holder perks for promoting the Rhythm ecosystem.

Fiat Buy

First group of partnered artists announced

Huge surprise feature release (Will tease the feature closer to release) - Game changing for the music industry